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November & December are Kindness Months!

Check out some of our videos on kindness! Take sure you write down kind things that are happening to you & what kind things people are doing for you! 


Fail Forward!


Have You Filled a Bucket Today?


What can you do to BE KIND?


Flex your KINDNESS muscles!


Meet your student leadership team!

Robers C-22, Berenice C-26, Destiny C-25, Areli C15, Dakota C-29

Alyssa C-27, Galilea C-24, Jennifer C-23, Yamilet C-28, Jacob C-21

Student Leadership Notes 10/20/2017

Student Leadership Team Meeting


October 20, 2017 @ 2:00 pm


In attendance: Mrs Hofkins, Ms. Dhesi, Jacob c-21, Robert c-22, Jennifer c-23, Galilea c-24, Destiny c-25, Berenice c-26, Aliyah c-27, Yamilet c-28, Dakota c-29


Sign making from 2:00-2:30 for bathrooms, bad language, twin day and pumpkin contest.


Admin to Classes:


  1. Students please do not kick the balls on the black top.

  2. When the bell rings, students should stop, hold the red balls or basketballs and walk them into the can.

  3. Note Passing: We don’t write mean notes to people. We only write kind things to one another.

  4. Maria Jose Sanchez in C-29 is student of the month. We will celebrate her at a board meeting coming up! Good job Maria Jose!

  5. Dismissal is not safe sometimes- Be careful as you are dismissing.

  6. Keep yourself well. Lots of sick kids and adults around.

  7. Consequence for being off task with Chromebooks is loss of privilege.


From Students:


*Lots of cell phones being used.  They need to have a cell phone agreement.


*Kids are using in class without teachers knowing.


*Internet safety is an issue- Some students are watching Youtube or playing games or listening to music during center time.


*Some kids are not respectful to the teacher or listen to them.This bothers some other students.


*Playing with Pokemon during class and recess.

Question:  Can we have a club again so we have a time, not during class or recess?


Student leaders should be reporting back to classes the following Monday after meetings.


Next meeting: Friday, November 3rd @2:00 pm




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Reading is cool

Reading is cool